Our Moment is Now

Every Thursday, those in Washington nation will see, hear and feel the power of the people. It just takes 5 seconds to do! 

The Science is Undeniable


Americans are already Using Digital Platforms to be Heard

The research is clear, a solid portion of America is already active online in regards to politics:

Social Media is a powerful force, why not use it for good?

Here is the science that shows your actions on social media impact the thoughts of others:


Example of a Question

Rand Paul Tells Clear Falsehood about Russia Investigation 

"@RandPaul On TV you said that the FBI's raid of Trump's lawyer was "... coming at the behest of Mueller." But that is absolutely NOT true. Solely the attorneys in NY directed, planned, and sought the search warrant for the raid. Why are you telling us untruths about Mueller's investigation? #Shapingthefuturenow.com"

For those that want to see the evidence behind this question, click here or here. Every comment for any post will have mountains of evidence to support the claim. For our past questions, click here

The three principles we must always fight for

Our politics has let our people down, and the statistics to show this are endless. For example, in 2014 dollars the median income has decreased $30,00 dollars from 1990 while costs have been going up. 

Where have the parties been to help us? That is why every message of Shaping the Future will contain the same theme: it is time we take control of our destiny and hold the powerful accountable. 

To accomplish this aim, we must never forget three principles:


LOVE: A united America is unstoppable. Our politicians want us to forget that whether you are "pro-gun" or "anti-gun", every American wants his or her children and family to be safe. LOVE of our fellow brothers and sisters is essential to our future. 

STRENGTH: We are up against the most powerful forces on the planet. They will use any means to take advantage of our nation, such as by dividing us. To battle them, we must use the power of democracy, and use our STRENGTH.

FUTURE: Due to technology, the challenges we face as a nation today are different than challenges faced in the past. Technological superiority in areas such as AI are fundamental to our security, glory, and freedom of a nation. New nations will threaten our prosperity, such as China. We must be prepared for the FUTURE.